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TECHNICAL EXPERTS: The Board needs Your Help!

Do you want to assist in the enforcement process at TBPE?
Would you like to earn valuable Continuing Education credits in the process?
How about the possibility of being paid for your services?

This is your opportunity to help advance the engineering profession!

We are looking for technical experts to assist the Board in making more effective determinations on engineering competency. We need engineers who can shed some light on the diversified engineering specialties that have emerged over time.

TBPE has been authorized by the legislature to use technical experts to provide assistance in investigations and disciplinary proceedings. Refer to the Texas Engineering Practice Act and Rules Concerning the Practice of Engineering and Professional Engineering Licensure, § 1001.252 (i) and §139.23 for details and civil immunity associated with that authorization.

We currently are accepting resumes of licensed professional engineers who are experts in their field. From time to time we have enforcement cases where there are differences of opinion between professional engineers and we might ask for another opinion as to which one is right or wrong, or more importantly, did one engineer fail to perform to commonly accepted engineering practice. Also, there may be cases whereby we do not have the technical expertise on staff, or on the Board, to assess a specific engineering task or design.

In the future we may need similar expertise to interview applicants and/or review the applications for licensure to ensure that only qualified individuals get licensed in the State of Texas. Watch this website for new information with regard to this subject.

If you think that you qualify as a technical expert, please contact us!

Mail or fax your detailed resume and references to our address
or as an attachment in an email to:info@engineers.texas.gov
with a subject line of: Resume for Enforcement



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