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Criminal History Record Check

Revised 9/15/16

Starting January 1, 2014, by law, all license applications and all renewals of active licenses will require a one-time criminal history record check to be done at the applicant or licensee expense. The 83rd Texas Legislature passed Senate Bill 204 which modified the Texas Engineering Practice Act to require this procedural change.

Frequently Asked Questions

Please be sure to follow every step indicated below in the correct order. Information obtained from each step is necessary to proceed.

Step by Step Process

In State Texas PEs

Out of State Texas PEs

Applicants for PE Licensure

1. Obtain Texas Fingerprint Service Code Form. This is also called a FAST Fingerprint Pass.




This form requires an applicant ID number. This number is not generated until either you start an application online or you submit a paper application and the application is receipted at TBPE.

2. Schedule an appointment.


Register with IdentoGO

The fee is $37

Internet Based Scheduling


If you prefer to schedule your appointment over the phone, call 1-888-467-2080.

Internet Based Pre-Enrollment

Use the FAST form from step one to complete the required pre-enrollment. Once your Agency Assigned Applicant Number is entered, click on the button that says "Pay for Ink Card Submission" and proceed to the pages to enter information and pay the $37 fee.

If you prefer to pre-enroll over the phone, call 1-888-467-2080.

Schedule or pre-enroll at Identogo by following in state or out of state instructions to the left.

3. Arrive at scheduled appointment to have fingerprints taken.

Go to MorphoTrust identified location from step 2.

Go to law enforcement agency to obtain ink card and fingerprinting services. Refer to this sample fingerprint card.

Have fingerprints taken at MorphoTrust or by law enforcement depending on if you are in state or out of state. Choose option to the left.

4. Process evidence of fingerprinting.

Thermal receipt will be given by MorphoTrust facility with a link to obtain the TCN (Tracking Control Number) or a UE ID (Universal Enrollment ID). Retain this for proof of fingerprinting.

The fingerprint card (FD-258) needs to be mailed with the FAST form (from step 1) to:
MorphoTrust USA
Attn: Texas Card Scan
3051 Hollis Drive, Suite 310
Springfield, IL 62704

We highly recommend that you use a mailing carrier with tracking and a receipt of confirmation for your records.

Retain evidence of fingerprinting and mail in fingerprint card if you are out of state. Choose option to the left.

5. Fill out survey for feedback to TBPE

In State Feedback Survey

Out of State Feedback Survey

Fill out in state or out of state survey. Choose option to the left.


Detailed Instructions for In State Licensees

Detailed Instructions for Out of State Licensees

Refer to in state or out of state instructions to the left.


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