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Criminal History Record Check (CHRC)

Starting January 1, 2014, by law, all license applications and all renewals of active licenses will require a one-time criminal history record check to be done at the applicant or licensee expense. The 83rd Texas Legislature passed Senate Bill 204 which modified the Texas Engineering Practice Act to require this procedural change.

CHRC Instructions

All PE license applicants and current license holders that have not yet completed the CHRC requirement must do so by following the appropriate instructions. Please note that the process is different for Applicants and current PEs. Also note that the process is different depending on where you live. In state Texas residents will be able to visit an electronic fingerprint facility, while out of state residents will have to mail a paper ink card.

Applicant CHRC Instructions

Instructions for PE license applicants.

In-state applicant
Out of state applicant

Texas PE CHRC Instructions

Instructions for active Texas PE licensees that have not yet completed the CHRC requirement.

In-state Texas PE
Out of state Texas PE


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