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The Texas Board of Professional Engineers
Quarterly e-Newsletter
June 7, 2016

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New Board Members
Governor Greg Abbott has appointed Albert Cheng and Cathy Norwood, P.E. and reappointed Lamberto "Bobby" Balli, P.E. to the TBPE Board for terms set to expire September 26, 2021. Refer to http://gov.texas.gov/news/appointment/22311 for the announcement from Governor Abbott and the Board members bios.

Board Meeting Update
The Texas Board of Professional Engineers Quarterly Board and Committee Meetings were held May 25-26, 2016. Highlights include the following:

  • Adopted Board Rule Changes
    The Board rules are re-adopted pursuant to and following the Board's Quadrennial Rule Review required by the Texas Government Code ยง2001.039. This review revealed that the original reasons for the adoption of all rules still exist and that all rules are necessary for the Board's performance of its duties, the governance of its own proceedings, and the regulation of the practice of engineering in this state. The new Law and Rules document will be effective June 10, 2016 and can be downloaded from the TBPE Website.
  • Proposed Board Rule Changes
    Proposed changes will be posted on June 17, 2016. Comments to the rules can be made at that time. The information will be posted on the TBPE Website.
  • Changes to 133.27 - This change will implement a licensing agreement between the Texas Board of Professional Engineers and South Korea (The Republic of Korea) is being added to the existing rule for Temporary Licenses that currently addresses Australia, Canada and Mexico. The agreement was signed on March 10, 2016.
  • Changes to 133.41 and 133.43 - These changes will implement process changes related to enhancing engagement of Engineers in Training. These changes would allow a person to demonstrate enhanced competence and readiness for licensure on the license application by including information on the Supplementary Experience Record regarding additional training and participation in professional organizations. The standards for competence will be the same as under the current system, but this addition will allow an applicant to present additional accomplishments.
  • Policy Advisory #40 - Extent of Jurisdiction Outside Texas This was closed by the Policy Advisory Opinion Committee on May 26, 2016. Refer to: http://engineers.texas.gov/policy.htm#pao40
  • Video Clips
    Viewing these recordings qualifies for continuing education credit under the category of self-directed study. A maximum of five credit hours may be accrued for self-directed study. Stream video of the Board Meeting by clicking on the link athttp://engineers.texas.gov/recordings.htm.
  • Disciplinary Actions
    All enforcement actions approved in the board meeting are posted on the TBPE website. Enforcement actions are reported based on the date of the board meeting at which the actions were taken. Refer to:http://engineers.texas.gov/disciplinary.htm

TBPE Employment Opportunity
TBPE has an opening for a Director of Compliance & Enforcement.  The position is open until filled.  Refer to our webpage at  http://engineers.texas.gov/employment.htm for the job description and instructions on how to apply.

Webinars and Outreach
TBPE continues to offer ethics outreach presentations both in person and in a webinar format for the convenience of our licensees. The free webinars have been so well received that we are now adding additional events as needed. If you are interested in scheduling a live TBPE ethics presentation at your workplace, refer to our outreach page at: http://engineers.texas.gov/outreach.

  • Ethics Webinars June 8 and June 9, 2016, 10 a.m. or 2 p.m. - These quarterly webinars provide an up-to-date overview of agency activities, case studies, and a review of professional ethics topics. Ethics webinars are held approximately one month prior to each quarterly expiration date. Future webinars are scheduled for September 7th and December 7th. Registration for these webinars will open one month prior to each event.
  • Decoupling, the E.I.T. Process and Becoming a P.E. Webinar June 21, 2016, 12:00 p.m. - This webinar provides an overview of the new 'decoupling' of the PE Exam and experience requirements, the Engineer-In-Training (EIT) process, and other questions about becoming a Professional Engineer. You have questions, we have answers. The target audience is future Professional Engineers - current or soon-to-be EITs, as well as others interested in the decoupling process. Webinar Registration Page

And More:
Give us feedback on how we are doing by filling out our customer service survey. Please visit our website at http://engineers.texas.gov/feedback or call us for a paper survey. We want to hear your suggestions on how we can improve agency operations and service delivery. In keeping with our efforts to modernize and increase communication with our licensees and the public, you can now follow us on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and via an RSS feed. Join today!

To contact the Board, please visit our website at: http://engineers.texas.gov/staff_contact.htm


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