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The Texas Board of Professional Engineers' (TBPE) Board e-Newsletter

December 17, 2014

TBPE Would Like to Wish You All a Happy and Safe Holiday Season and a Happy New Year!

The TBPE eNewsletter is your quarterly update on information about the Texas PE License and Licensing Board and is a supplement to the TBPE Express annual printed newsletter.

In this issue of the TBPE eNewsletter:

Criminal History Record Check
Legislative Session Starts January 13, 2015
November 20th Board Meeting Update
When do you need a PE on a building project?
Computer Based Testing
Webinars and Outreach

Read below for more info:

Criminal History Record Check - REGISTRATION IS OPEN NOW.  DON'T WAIT!
By law, all active PEs must complete a one-time, criminal history record check (CHRC) prior to renewing their license. Everyone with an ACTIVE DECEMBER PE renewal needs to make sure they do it ASAP.  All other PEs are strongly encouraged to complete the process early.  

For background information on this requirement, instructions or frequently asked questions, go to http://engineers.texas.gov/recordcheck.html

84th Legislative Session - Starts January 13, 2015
The 84th legislature is currently pre-filing bills. TBPE is reviewing all bills for relevance or impact to Professional Engineering and will include bills we are tracking on this page http://engineers.texas.gov/legislature84.html  as they are filed. TBPE has no bills to report at this time.  There is a link to this information on the homepage. 

Board Meeting Update
The Texas Board of Professional Engineers Quarterly Board and Committee Meetings were held November 19-20, 2014.  Highlights include the following:

When do you need a PE on a building project?
Have you ever wondered when a PE is needed on a project? Have you needed to explain to a client or a governmental body when a PE is needed?

TBPE has developed a flowchart to determine if a Professional Engineer is required when a Texas project involves the design, erection, construction, enlargement, alteration, repair of, or the creation of plans and specs for a building. Use this one page diagrammatic to make sure your project is in compliance with the Texas Engineering Practice Act. It is a great reference for engineers, plan reviewers, city and county officials, and owners. Go to http://engineers.texas.gov/downloads/TBPEDiagrammatic2014.pdf to download a copy.

Computer Based Testing
The Fundamentals of Engineering (FE) exam is now being delivered via computer-based testing and is available year round instead of just two times per year.  Please encourage all young engineers to register online and take the FE exam - they don't need to wait for April or October any more.  For more information and to register, go to http://www.ncees.org

Webinars and Outreach
TBPE continues to offer ethics outreach presentations both in person and in a webinar format for the convenience of our licensees.   The free webinars have been so well received that we are now adding additional events as needed.   

And more:
Give us feedback on how we are doing by filling out our customer service survey. Please visit our website at http://engineers.texas.gov/feedback or call us for a paper survey. We want to hear your suggestions on how we can improve agency operations and service delivery.

In keeping with our efforts to modernize and increase communication with our licensees and the public, you can now follow us on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and via an RSS feed. Join today! 



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