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Electronic Fingerprinting ‑ (CHRC Process)

Applicants that reside near an IdentoGO Enrollment Center and have not yet completed a Criminal History Record Check (CHRC) must complete this requirement by following the instructions below.

Step by Step CHRC Process

1. Obtain a Texas Fingerprint Service Code Form. (FAST Fingerprint Pass)

The FAST Fingerprint Pass is a PDF form that contains a unique Service Code and Agency Number that will be needed when you schedule your fingerprint appointment. This form can be downloaded at:


2. Schedule a fingerprint appointment

In order to be electronically fingerprinted by MorphoTrust USA at one of their IdentoGo enrollment centers, you must pre-enroll through their website or over the phone. During this process, you will be prompted for some personal info and your Agency Number (located on the FAST form). Please note, there will be a fee assessed which will be paid directly to the vendor during the registration.

Schedule Online
☎: 1-888-467-2080

3. Arrive at your scheduled appointment to have fingerprints taken

Go to the IdentoGO identified location from step 2.

4. Process evidence of fingerprinting.

Thermal receipt will be given by the IdentoGO facility with a link to obtain the TCN (Tracking Control Number) or a UE ID (Universal Enrollment ID). Retain this for proof of fingerprinting.