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80th Anniversary of TBPE

March 18, 2017, was the 80th Anniversary of the New London School Explosion, a terrible accident that ultimately led to the creation of the Texas Engineering Practice Act and the creation of the Texas Board of Professional Engineers.

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Presentation at New London Anniversary

On March 21, 2017, Dr. Lance Kinney, P.E., TBPE Executive Director, presented representatives of the New London School Museum with a flag flown at the Texas Capitol on the 80th anniversary of the explosion. Pictured from left to right are John Davidson, Head Docent for the London Museum, Dr. Kinney and Jerrell Herron, Docent. Dr. Kinney also presented a certificate of recognition from the Board and the Texas House of Representatives in remembrance of the lives lost on March 18, 1937.

A model of the New London school on display at the New London Museum.

Model of New London School
New London Monument Pictured is the thirty-two foot high granite New London Cenotaph Monument which stands in front of the London Campus on Texas Highway 42. "Cenotaph" is a Greek word for empty tomb. The names of the 293 students, teachers and visitors are carved on the monument as a silent tribute since the victims were buried in places other than the explosion site. The sculptural block depicts twelve life-size figures, representing children coming to school, bringing gifts and handing in homework to two teachers.
In honor of the 80th Anniversary of the Board, and to honor all of the engineers since 1937 and their dedication to protecting the health, safety, and welfare of the citizens of Texas, Governor Abbott has issued a Certificate of Recognition.pdf icon certificate thumbnail



Remembering the New London School explosion of 1937 (Pictures with Captions)
Slideshow from New York Daily News.

The Origin of the Texas Engineering License (Note: Some photos may be disturbing.)
Historical overview film of the New London Consolidated School disaster with original photographs, video footage and details of the events which led up to the explosion. The film also outlines the legislation which created the Professional Engineer License Law for Texas and the State Board of Registration for Professional Engineers to enforce the law.




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